21st Birthday Pun Newspaper Spoof Card

21st Birthday Pun Newspaper Spoof Card

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Editable text on the front of this product:

[[name]] IS ALL GROWN UP!

[[placename]] is bracing itself for the celebration of a lifetime today, as [[name]] officially becomes an adult. There have been rumours that the twenty one year old could now start behaving responsibly at last, but our sources say this is unlikely. [[name]] was overheard telling a friend, 'I'm not sure I'm ready to grow up yet... I've lost the key to the door already!' Full Story Pages 4 and 5

[[date]], party time!

Now I'm 21 do I have to act like a grown up?

Rising to 21 degrees today

Editable text on the inside of this product:
Have a headline grabbing 21st birthday!

  • Number of photos: 1
  • Contains: Card with matt finish and envelope
  • Dimensions: 137mm x 195mm
  • Size: Medium

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