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Hallmark takes corporate responsibility seriously, that's why we created ReSPECT. ReSPECT puts responsible business at the heart of Hallmark - from the way we treat our colleagues and manage our impact on the environment to our trading performance and community work.

Steve Wright

Although the last 12 months in UK retail have been tough, Hallmark continues to perform positively. This is down to great people, unique products and a passion for what we do - we make 'life a special occasion' for our consumers.

At Hallmark, we know what makes a great greeting card and connect with our consumers through a unique offering that combines insight-led design, standard-setting editorial, superior production quality and a strong brand. We're expanding this consistent experience across the gifting and licensed ranges in our product portfolio.

But it doesn't stop there, at Hallmark corporate responsibility is key to our story and we've got a great one to tell. We continue to punch above our weight, rubbing shoulders with the biggest and best in the UK. We are very proud to have achieved Platinum Big Tick status in the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index. In addition, we lead our sector as the only company to feature on the index and have embraced the challenges and scrutiny that comes with this to rank among the best of the best.

Big Tick Awards 2013

The impact of this success can be felt at grass-roots level in the communities we are part of and generates a feel-good factor for our employees and those they interact with. We are proud to be located in Bradford, West Yorkshire and to be champions of the creative and industrial heartbeat of the region. This commitment is born out in our recognition as 'Employee Volunteering Company of the Year 2013' in the Yorkshire & Humber region and gives us another reason to be proud to be Hallmark.

I hope you will share my pride in what we've achieved and take a little time to learn more about some of the great work that's gone into making it happen.

Steve Wright
Chief Executive Hallmark Cards PLC

Hallmark Cards PLC is registered in England No. 3414540.

Registered office address: Bingley Road, Heaton, Bradford, BD9 6SD

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