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About Hallmark

At Hallmark we understand how valuable and important relationships are, and how much of a difference it can make to our lives when those relationships are nourished and maintained with love and care. That’s why every day, we do our best to help our customers reach out, celebrate, share and connect with the special people in their lives through all life’s moments, happy and sad. Our cards cover a huge variety of ages, lifestages, styles and sentiments so that everyone is able to find the perfect card for every occasion and recipient.

Who’s In Your Thoughts?

It has never been easier to make contacts than it is today, yet we speak less than ever before. The contacts we have feel increasingly superficial and we’re often more interested in ourselves than we are in others. At Hallmark we see it as our responsibility to help and inspire people to reconnect with those around them, to deepen those valuable relationships, open up to new friendships and repair and restore old and broken ones, because it really is so simple to do… and it begins with letting someone know you’re thinking of them today.

Hallmark Cards UK & Ireland

Kansas City born and Yorkshire bred! Our global headquarters may be in the heart of the American midwest, but our UK and Ireland division is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Hallmark also has susidiaries in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, The Netherlands, Austria and Belgium.

Hallmark Europe head office