Hallmark, Bliss and GMB Team up

According to Bliss charity, every year across the UK, more than 95,000 babies require care within specialist neonatal units.

Inspired by the personal story of Good Morning Britain’s weather presenter Laura Tobin, whose little girl Charlotte was born six weeks prematurely, Hallmark and Bliss worked together to create a collection of cards with families like Laura’s in mind.

 We know how much it means to receive a card letting you know that you are in someone’s heart and thoughts. We also know that there are times when it’s hard to find a card that says the right thing. That’s why we designed these cards with input and advice from a group of parents whose babies had spent time in neonatal care. Our aim was to develop a deeper understanding of what these parents had experienced and what they really wanted and needed to hear from their friends and family at that time.

Dedicated writers from our in-house Creative Studio talked with a number of parents, whose babies were born premature or sick, in order to try and gain more understanding of their experiences and how they felt at each step of their baby’s journey through neonatal care. We combined this insight with further research to create a boutique collection of beautiful cards that recognise some of the common situations, feelings and milestone moments encountered by these special families.

We feel incredibly proud of the collection featuring 4 designs and 20p from the sale of each card going directly to UK charity Bliss.

Welcome to the world Little Fighter – new baby card

Incredible babies need incredible parents like you – new baby / babies card

Card to celebrate the moment everyone goes home together

Card to offer support to the parent / parents

Cards are available from Amazon, Selected Tesco, Morrisons and specialist card and gift shops.

To find out more information or support from Bliss please  visit bliss.org.uk

To find out more about Laura’s story please visit ITV.com/GMB