Why memory jars are the perfect gift!

Our research found that the average Brit met their best friend while they were at school together, with 38% of us saying that we’ve known our best friend for more than 30 years. This easy DIY gift is perfect for showing your BFF how much they mean to you and how much you treasure the memories you’ve shared over time.

All you need is a jar and something to write on and you’re away! Be as creative and as personal as you like with this project, the concept is simple. Write down the best memories you have shared together and place it in the jar for your friend to read. All friendships will have the more prominent memories that are shared at dinner parties and over lunches; but why not also include the little joys, the everyday things that make your friendship so special.

Here are some fun ideas to jazz up your jar…
– How about using postcards, stamps or greeting cards to write on? Mounting your favourite designs onto white paper will make the writing on the back easy to read, whilst also creating a coherent style and design in your jar.
– Fill the jar with glitter, sequins, sand, flowers, fairy lights, photographs… whatever you think best describes your bestie!

Why memory jars are the perfect gift!


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