Thinking of You Week

In an era where most messages are exchanged on social media, we tend to forget how nice it is to receive a handwritten card from your loved one. As part of the annual Greeting Card Association event ‘Thinking of You Week’, we decided to show exactly how much more touching a genuine message can be.

Our research showed that two-thirds of people (66%) think that a handwritten card or letter shows the most thought when it comes to sharing an emotional message. The same survey also showed that 58% Brits do not tell their loved ones they are thinking of them on a regular basis.

It is obvious from the research that we don’t tell the people close to us how much we care as much as we should. This sparked an idea – how about encouraging people to be upfront about how they feel about their loved ones? To illustrate this, we created a video where we encouraged couples, mums and sons and grandfathers and granddaugthers to tell each other what they mean to them.