Funny Birthday Cards - Multipack of 10 in 5 Photographic Designs


Give them a giggle on their birthday and share in their laughter, with this 10 pack of Fun-tastic Animal Birthday cards

Printed on high-quality board, this pack of 10 cards comes in 5 funny animal designs, each card features a coated gloss finish; the cards come complete with co-ordinating white, Hallmark branded envelope

Design 1: This is a card for someone classy, elegant & sophisticated…It'll have to do though, it was all they had!
Design 2: A little bird told me you're a year older! Don't worry, he won't be telling anyone else. Happy Birthday!
Design 3: Celebrate like a dog today! Eat what you like! Do what you want... And make someone else clean up the mess!
Design 4: This card can grant you one wish on one condition ... You have to wish before you open the card! Better luck next time!
Design 5: Happy birthday to someone amazing! Save this card and you can send it to me on MY birthday!

This product is made using material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. These cards are fully recyclable

Cards Measure: 16 cm by 16 cm; Within Standard UK 'Letter' Size Limits