When you
care enough,
you can change
the world.

Our History

A family owned business, our story began over 100 years ago when 18 year old JC Hall started our company, with nothing but two shoeboxes full of picture postcards and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

His passion lives on today in everything we do and just like the young JC Hall we never forget that we’re here to help people, connect, enhance the special moments in their lives and to put our stamp on the world.

Our People

Hallmarkers are a talented, varied and interesting bunch and they are without any doubt our company’s most valuable asset.

Each and every employee contributes to how we make our mark, how we enable connections and how we help celebrate special moments.

Our Creative Collaborators

We are proud to work with an amazing and varied collective of talented and innovative creators.

We collaborate with up-and-coming artists, designers and writers as well as with iconic global brands and exciting independent labels.

Our Planet

As a paper-based company, we couldn’t do what we do without the resources provided by our amazing forests.

We recognise our impact on the planet, and are committed to leading our industry in environmental excellence.

Behind The Scenes

We shine a light on Ink Technician, David Stanley, at our Brighouse Distribution Centre.