Gender pay
gap report

Trust, respect and fair treatment

We are committed to always valuing differences, recognising the needs of each individual and ensuring that all of our people are able to realise their full potential within a positive culture.

Hallmarkers are trusted, respected and always treated fairly. Because it matters.

Doing more

The policies and procedures that we have in place support our company ethos and ensure that our legal responsibilities relating to diversity and inclusion are represented.

However, more than this, we strive to make career development and progression opportunities available for all Hallmarkers, regardless of background, race, age, sex, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

Our approach to treating colleagues fairly:

  • We foster an environment in which individual differences and contributions are recognised and valued.

  • We generate opportunities where training, development and progression are available for those that want them.

  • We recruit, develop and retain the best people, recognising and realising potential along the way -  always striving for continuous improvement on both an individual and business level.

  • We work hard to develop our colleague and customer base in a way that reflects the different communities in which Hallmark operates.

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