Share, Support and Spread a Little Extra Kindness with 30 Days of Caring

A small act of caring can make a big difference in someone’s day. We all know that it’s true, but it made us wonder: What would happen if we all made a little more effort to let people know they matter to us? That is the idea behind 30 Days of Caring.

It starts with you (and us) and a shared commitment to one simple, thoughtful act of caring every day for the next few weeks. Are you in?


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What is 30 Days of Caring?

It’s as simple as can be: For each of the next 30 days, do something caring for someone else.

We’ve come up with a list of suggestions below with different ways to express how you care. They’re designed to help you think about who might need your help and support and also who helps and supports you. You can follow the list as it is, skip around or just do your own thing. The important bit is to notice who needs a little bit of extra encouragement, support or appreciation—and give it to them.

Will it change the world? Who knows? But it’s got to be worth a try, right?

How to be part of 30 Days of Caring

The list below consists of three sets of 10 ideas: 10 Days of Encouragement, 10 Days of Support and 10 Days of Appreciation. These acts of caring involve cheering others on, offering your support and expressing gratitude for the caring acts of others.

You can:

30 Days of Caring is all about the impact you can have on the lives of people around you. Think about the people you know from your neighbourhood, work, school, place of worship, online communities, interest groups and other connections. Reach out in whatever way feels right to you:

  • Post a card or letter
  • Deliver a nice treat or some flowers
  • Send an email, text or message online
  • Make a phone or video call
  • Just be kind

We’d really love to know how your 30 Days are going and what you’re thinking. Please share your photos and comments online with the hashtag #30DaysofCaring.

10 Days of Encouragement

Be Thoughtful: Keep an eye out for the people around you who need cheering up or cheering on and be ready to offer a word of encouragement where it’s needed. For the next ten days, watch for any opportunities to give someone a boost.

Who could use a bit of a boost?
We all experience self-doubt every once in a while. And maybe you know someone who’s feeling a bit discouraged right now? It could be a friend, a colleague or a family member, but whoever it is, now’s the time to get your megaphone out (metaphorically speaking) and give them the cheering up they need.

Who’s earned a celebration?
Think of someone who’s worked hard to achieve something great or a colleague who’s really on fire right now. Recognise their success and the hard work they’ve been doing and put an enthusiastic round of applause into words.

Who’s great at being a grown-up?
Is someone excelling at a new job or tough project? Are you in awe of a friend or relative’s incredible parenting skills? Or managing to stay totally on top of things during a really challenging time? Tell them you’ve noticed, you’re impressed and you think they’re amazing

Who’s making some positive changes?
Changing things is never easy. Whether it’s making changes to your lifestyle, your relationships, your mental or physical health… all this stuff is hard! So, congratulate someone who’s trying to do things differently, and let them know how thrilled you are to see them taking care of themselves.  

Who would appreciate some ‘real’ post?
Those who’ve flown the nest for the first time. Older people in retirement communities, care homes and nursing homes. Our hardworking hospital, nursing and care home staff. The friendly faces keeping that neighbourhood business going. They’d all appreciate being told they’re in someone’s thoughts and sent a cheery hello or a word of encouragement…just pop it in the post.

Who needs to hear that they’re doing a great job?
People who don’t call attention to themselves don’t always get the praise they deserve. Think of someone whose attention to detail, care, inventiveness, friendliness, expertise, professionalism, creativity or some other special quality makes them brilliant, and tell them exactly how and why.

Who needs to hear they’re a great parent?
Well, to be honest, every parent needs to hear this from someone. So, whether it’s someone struggling with a new baby or a new teenager…or someone who made you who you are. Remind them that they’re brilliant and reassure them that they’re doing great…or maybe say thanks for all that stuff they did that helped you grow and get to where you are now.

Who needs to know they’re a brilliant kid?
There’s no doubt about it, watching kids experience hurt feelings and heartbreaks is awful. It’s never going to be possible to fix everything for them (and it wouldn’t be good for them if you could), but you can reassure them that they’re funny, kind, creative, smart, talented…and loved very, very much.

Who needs reminding that they’re awesome?
There are lots of reasons people struggle with self-esteem. Who do you know who shrugs off compliments, deflects praise or puts themselves down? Give them a sincere, detailed, written list of what makes them amazing, so they can reread it when they need a boost (and can’t pretend that they misheard it or you didn’t mean it!).

Who stands up for what they believe in?
Show your appreciation for someone who’s out there trying to make the world a better place. Whether that’s by volunteering, chairing a committee or supporting a great cause, they’re not afraid to stand up and be counted or to speak up for those in need—so tell them they’re an inspiration and remind them that they rock… because they do.

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10 Days of Support

Now that you’re all warmed up we’ll move on to our next group of ideas. Support is an essential part of all caring relationships, but it isn’t always easy to know how to show it. Sometimes it’s just about being there. Sometimes it’s about listening; empathising; providing love, acceptance and companionship; and sometimes, it’s about offering help.

Who’s been feeling a bit lonely lately?
Maybe it’s an extrovert who’s missing their work friends and social life, someone who’s had to quarantine or isolate themselves, or someone who has lost a special companion (whether human or animal). Check in with them, see how they are and let them know you’re here for them.

Who could use a virtual hug?
Get in touch with someone who’s been going through a tough time and just listen to what they need. Maybe it’s someone to vent to or share ideas with or to help figure out how to approach a difficult conversation—or maybe they just really need someone to quietly listen. Let them know that whatever it is, you’re there for them.

Who has been on your mind?
If you’ve been thinking about someone a lot—worrying about their comfort or healing, wishing them success or other blessings—let them know. You may not be able to be there with them physically right now, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not right there by their side spiritually, cheering them on and supporting them, no matter what.

Who’s dealing with family issues?
Families can be a source of immeasurable joy, but also a source of problems. Issues within a family, from fertility struggles to emotional conflicts, relationship ups and downs and the general challenges of raising kids, are some of the toughest to deal with, and can be isolating, as they’re also some of the hardest to talk about. If someone trusts you enough to share these things then a gentle reminder that they’re loved and valued and have your support will go a long way.

Who’s not been feeling so great recently?
Do you know someone who’s been ill, is in treatment or is recovering? Check up on them and see how they’re doing. You could pop a strengthening treat on their doorstep, send a thoughtful card or give them a call and let them know they’re in your thoughts. (While you’re at it, you could check in on their carers to see how they’re doing too… and maybe offer to help out where you can?)

Who is starting a new chapter in their life?
Who’s reached the end of an era? Whose life is in a bit of a spin? It could be an exciting new adventure or an unwelcome but necessary one. Something planned for and eagerly anticipated or an earth-shattering bolt from the blue. If someone you know is taking a big step or changing direction, see if you can do anything to help. You might be able to give them a lift, help them unload some things, offer some advice or just be there for company on their journey.

Who is finding life hard right now?
Right now life is not easy for anyone really, but some people might be finding things extra tough. Some may still be isolated from friends and family, some are taking care of kids whilst trying to work at home, others are just trying to find work, some are worrying about family members unseen in over a year, or praying for loved ones lying ill in hospitals, and everyone is trying to just get through each day as best they can. Reach out to someone you know who’s got a lot on their plate right now, offer to share a bit of the burden, pay them an uplifting compliment or just give them the space to offload a little. 

Who’s struggling with a tough choice?

You’ve talked with them, you’ve empathised, they’ve shared their difficulties with you and you’ve listened. You don’t have to fix everything for them—you can’t—but you can let them know that your heart is with them all the way… and encourage them to trust the wisdom of their own.

Who’s missing a loved one?
Grief sucks. And it doesn’t have a time limit on it. Someone may seem ok for weeks, even months and then, seemingly out of nowhere, they’re not. Often, whilst there is a lot of support available in the initial aftermath of a death, over time the support drifts away and the bereaved can be left feeling very alone. If you know someone who has suffered a loss, just check on them every now and again, talk about their loved one, and remind them that they are still a part of their lives, and let them know that you’re there for them, still, always.

Who needs to know you’re here for them?
Think about who might need a little bit of your time, or your sympathetic ear and supportive shoulder, your perspective on a problem, your encouragement, congratulations or maybe your forgiveness. Who needs you especially right now? And what can you do to help and show them your love.

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10 Days of Appreciation

One of the most caring things you can do is let someone know that what they do and who they are matters. For the final 10 days, let’s express our appreciation for all the many different people who make our lives better.

Who deserves a thank-you?
Think of someone who makes a difference every day because of who they are or what they do. Maybe it’s a teacher, an NHS worker, someone who risks their life to help others…or simply someone in your community who makes life better and easier for everyone around them. Show or tell them why you’re so grateful for them.

Who goes out of their way to be thoughtful?
You know the neighbour who’ll always feed the cat? The colleague who always makes you a cuppa when they’re making one? The friend who always seems to know just when to call or message? Recognise their thoughtfulness with a thoughtful gesture of your own: Send them a card, drop round with some flowers or treats or maybe lend a hand with something they need doing.

Who is always willing to help out?
Whether it’s the person in your team at work who’ll always pitch in, one of the kids who likes to feel they’re doing their bit in the family, or a friend who’s always ready to wield a paintbrush by your side, their helpfulness is a genuine gift, So, let them know how much you appreciate it.

Who are you feeling grateful for?
Think of someone who just makes your world a nicer place to be. Is it a friend, family member, colleague, neighbour? Send them a little note to say how much they’re appreciated, maybe remind them of something they said that made you think or laugh or remember just why you’re so glad they’re part of your life.

Who gets you through the tough days?
Maybe it’s a colleague who makes those rough days at work a little easier or a friend who’ll just sit with you when you’re feeling blue or the parent/partner/little one who always seems to know just what to say or do to brighten your day and lift your heart. Give them a carefully chosen card with a personal message to say how much that means.

Who is always able to make you smile?
No matter the problem, no matter the mood, we all have someone who can always make us smile. Whether it’s the kid whose cute grin you can’t resist, the partner who knows just the right thing to say, or the friend who reminds you who you are. Let them know how much sunshine they bring to your life, and how much it’s appreciated.

Who do you call when you need help?
Little things. Big things. Personal things. Professional things. Practical things. Help with tricky tasks or tough times. Let the people you call on, individually or collectively, know that you appreciate being able to count on them for help whenever you need it.

Who always looks out for everyone else?
Even the simplest acts of caring for others take a little time, thought and effort and some people just do that bit more than most. Let someone who puts care for others at the centre of their life know that what they do is seen and appreciated today.

Who’s always there for you?
Even the toughest of us need good foundations or we’ll crumble. So, who holds you up when you’re struggling? Whose hugs revive your spirits? Whose support is so constant you sometimes forget to appreciate it properly? Who’s just always there for you? Let them know just how much that means to you.

Who gives you unconditional love?
They’ve seen you at your worst, your best, your weirdest and everything in between, and they’ve stuck by you through it all… and still think you’re fantastic. So make sure they know what that means to you, say thank you for their unwavering love and support, or maybe just show them how much you love them too.

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March 22, 2021
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