Looking for some creative ways to get the kids involved with making Mother’s Day extra special this year? Well, you’re in the right place!

What better way to brighten up Mother Day than by giving a gift that’s hand-coloured, and heartfelt? It’s the perfect way to make Mother’s Day memorable, and spend some quality time with your mum, too.

We’ve got plenty of printable designs to choose from and have added in some creative ideas on how to gift your finished Mother’s Day colouring pages. Why not get your whole family (or chosen family) together to make it a fun group activity?

So, get ready to create your own masterpiece and make Mum’s Day even better with a unique and personal gift she can keep forever.

Let’s get colouring!

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Mother’s Day colouring pages for Kids 

Let the kids create something special that’ll melt Mum’s heart, check out all our creative designs, and choose your favourite to print and colour!

These colouring pages can be a super-fun family activity, or something the kids can do to surprise Mum. Either way, here are some ideas to make it simple for everyone: 

  • Get prepped. Get your chosen crayons, felt tips pens and other artsy supplies together and ready beforehand, this way there’ll be no disagreements over Mum’s favourite colour!

  • Set the table. If your little ones are a messy bunch, tape down a tablecloth and get their chosen colouring page ready in their spot.

  • Switch it up. To make some truly unique pages, set a timer and swap colouring pages every few minutes. It’s a perfect way to create art the whole family has poured love into!

  • Add a sweet message.Add names, ages, and special messages to the back so Mum has a unique keepsake, and a wonderful surprise.


We also have a free, printable Mother’s Day writing prompt sheet to help kids express all the reasons why they love and appreciate Mum so much – perfect for displaying on the fridge or keeping safe forever in a memory box. It’s a ridiculously cute way to get the kids creating and put a smile on any Mum’s face. 

Mother’s Day colouring pages for Older Kids and Adults

If our first colouring pages feel a bit too simple, we have a range of more intricate printable designs, perfect for those older kids who still want to be involved, loving spouses who like to create but are short on time, or even for mums and their own friends to have a crack at during a fun, creative catch up.

Here’s a few tips and ideas to make the experience extra fun:

  • Get artsy. Once you’ve blocked your colours out, add some extra colour and shading to add to the design.

  • Set up a simple tea/coffee bar. Get the teas and coffee ready, add some of your favourite biscuits and if you’re feeling fancy, add some flavoured syrups to your brew.

  • Crack open some wine. Colouring and cabernet sauvignon make a beautiful pairing.

  • Share favourite memories. If you’re colouring with your own mum, tell her about one of your favourite moments together. If you’re colouring with friends, share something that’s surprised you about motherhood.



Tips for shading 

Here at Hallmark, we’ve got some pretty amazing artists, so we’ve put together their top tips for shading to take your colouring game to the next level.

  • Restrict yourself to two or three colour options to keep things from getting visually overwhelming.

  • Go monochrome.Pick a few shades of the same colour to keep things simple, for example: pink, dark pink and light pink.

  • Be complimentary.Pick three colours that are next to each other in the rainbow, like green, blue and purple.

  • Under pressure.Use different amounts of pressure to create darker areas, lighter areas and blend different colours.

  • Try different techniques. Find some new and interesting art techniques, such as pointillism, cross-hatching, or scumbling.

What to do with Mother’s Day colouring pages when they’re done

If you’re completing your works of art before Mother’s Day, there’s the perfect opportunity to create a surprise to gift on the special day. Check out our top tips for gifting below.

  • Tuck it into a card.Explore our wonderful range of Mother’s Day cards, and choose a card that’s perfect. The hardest part will be deciding whether it will be a personalised, or pop-up card!

  • Deliver it with flowers.Flowers on Mother’s Day are a classic, make them even more special by presenting them with your colouring page too.

  • Wrap your gift with it.Wrap your Mother’s Day gift up and either add the colouring page to the gift inside, or decorate the outside with your art.

  • Add it to a frame. Present your art in a photo frame, either on its own so it can be displayed by it by itself, or next to your favourite photo together.

And there you have it, a fun, thoughtful and extra-special Mother’s Day gift with a personal touch. Wherever your Mother’s Day colouring pages end up, we hope you have loads of fun creating your own art, and that your mum, grandma, and every mother figure in your life feels special and loved this Mother’s Day.

What’re you waiting for? Get colouring!

February 21, 2024