Magical Botanicals Letterbox Flowers - 3D Pop Up Vibrant Paper Gift


Experience the power of flowers with Magical Botanicals' beautifully crafted paper gifts. Our ‘Botanical Treasures’ collection feature 2 of our signature styles, the quirky and fun 'Janice' arrangement and the vibrant and eye-catching, 'Elisabeth'.

Each treasure brings the feel-good experience of receiving flowers direct to your doorstep, creating a connection that goes beyond words... No green fingers required!

‘The Elisabeth’ design is vibrant, eye-catching and infused with a love of nature, these unique designs bring an extra touch of floral radiance to any moment and any space.

What's in the box? In every box you will receive 2 paper vases, a paper flower centrepiece, paper flower heads and a paper foliage vine. Inside the box is an instruction booklet on how to build your paper gift and a frameable print wrap. This paper gift is the perfect way to send flowers in the letterbox and add a burst of colour to any space. Every die-cut paper flower is made to bloom forever and a day.

Care-free! No watering. No wilting. No worries.

Get these lovely letterbox flowers delivered straight to their home. Just give them a heads-up to keep an eye out for a delightful surprise. Or, if you prefer, have the flowers sent to yourself first. That way, you can add a heartfelt message to the arrangement in the handy space provided and personally deliver your thoughtful paper gift.

This product is fully recyclable, and made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Constructed flower display measures approximately: H44cm by W30cm by D20cm.
Box measures: H24cm by W36cm by D2.3cm, within UK 'Small Parcel' Postage Size Limits.