Because it's okay to talk!

Support the men in your life, and help them open up and share their feelings, with our fantastic Andy's Man Club card collection.

Our mental health is more important than ever…

Here at Hallmark we’ve seen an increasing demand for support cards over recent years and we began to realise that there was a need for something specifically aimed at men.

We had been inspired by the amazing work done by Andy’s Man Club during this time and we knew that a partnership with them had the potential to create something really special.

What is Andy’s Man Club?

Andy's Man Club is a peer to peer support group for men with a mission to reduce the male suicide rate in the UK because, right now, suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45.

Find your nearest group

Click the link below to go to the Andys Man Club website and find your local group.

Meet the Man Behind #ANDYSMANCLUB

We sat down for a quick chat with Luke Ambler, Co-founder and Chair of #ANDYSMANCLUB, to find out a little bit more about what they do and why it matters so much.