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Quirky and fun, vibrant and eye-catching or elegant with a vintage feel, whatever your vibe we’ve got exquisite paper cards and gifts to send a little joy!

The Janice

Guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest of days! Cute, quirky and designed to make you smile, these fun creations are the perfect combination of simple forms, bold colours and bags of beautiful personality.

The Elisabeth

Inspired by nature, crafted with care, designed for you. Vibrant, eye-catching and infused with a love of nature, these unique designs bring an extra touch of floral radiance to any moment and any space.

The Helene

Vintage florals with a modern touch, made to share with love. Combining natural charm with an elegant vintage aesthetic, the Helene designs celebrate the style of the past whilst enhancing life in the present.

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From beautiful paper flower arrangements, delivered through your letterbox, to eye-catching die-cuts and unique gifting accessories, we’ve got everything you need to add a little floral magic to any (and every) occasion.

Botanical Treasures

Deliver something special with paper flower arrangements, direct to their letterbox! Simply follow the steps to create a stunning display to keep forever.

Botanical Delights

The simplest delights can often bring the most joy. And no matter how small the moment these gorgeous die-cut paper flowers provide the perfect way to mark it.

Botanical Wonders

Bring the joy of paper flowers to any special moment with fab pop-up designs, complete with customisable message tags. No water required…just add words.

Botanical Flourishes

Add the perfect floral finishing touch to any present with these beautiful floral gifting accessories. Simple, stylish and so unique - what's not to love?

Introducing Magical Botanicals...

A collection that celebrates the magic of paper crafting and the emotional benefits that beautiful flowers can bring.