A fresh new take on florals!

Welcome to a wonderful world of exquisite, artist-designed florals. A world that celebrates the magic of paper crafting and the emotional benefits that beautiful flowers can bring…
We know that receiving flowers triggers our happy emotions, uplifts our mood and creates more intimate connections and, of course, we also know that the same can be said of cards… So, what could be better than to create a perfect combination of the two?

Introducing: Magical Botanicals! Our brand-new paper flower card and gift collection.

Split into three unique ‘arrangement’ styles across the collection, we have…
 ‘The Janice – Cute, quirky and designed to make you smile, these fun creations are the perfect combination of simple forms, bold colours and bags of beautiful personality.
Guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest of days!
The Helene – Combining natural charm with an elegant vintage aesthetic, the Helene designs celebrate the style of the past whilst delightfully enhancing life in the present.
Vintage florals with a modern touch, made to share with love.
The Elisabeth – Vibrant, eye-catching and infused with a love of nature, these unique designs bring an extra touch of floral radiance to any moment and any space.

Inspired by nature, crafted with care, designed for you.


From floral pop-ups, customised with personal messages, to simple die-cut cards, with a low environmental impact, to incredible and intricate paper floral arrangements and unique and eye-catching gifting accessories, we have fantastic products across all 3 arrangement styles to bring a burst of colour and a little extra joy to any space or any special moment - making them perfect pick-me-ups for friends, family or even for yourself!


Be bold and deliver something extra-special with our incredible Botanical Treasures, letterbox gift designs. These create-your-own floral displays make for a perfect surprise in the post, with each one building into a beautiful, life-sized arrangement, complete with choice of vases to suit your personal décor… and no green fingers necessary!

However, sometimes it’s the simplest delights that bring the most joy, and the eye-catching, die-cut creations in the Botanical Delights collection provide the perfect way to mark all kinds of special moments, whether big or small. Easy care...at its finest!

Or if you’re looking for something to make a little more of a statement, why not preserve memories of special occasions with customisable keepsakes that will last forever? The clever pop-up designs in the Botanical Wonders collection bring the joy of flowers to any moment, instantly! And each arrangement can be personalised with your own special message too. No water required… just add words!


Finally, if you’re after a way to add a perfect, floral finishing touch to any gift, our gorgeous Botanical Flourishes collection of gifting accessories will take your wrapping game to a whole new, effortlessly stylish level… What’s not to love?

So, make room to bloom with Magical Botanicals and bring a little more colour and care to all your special moments. No watering, no wilting, no worries!

March 05, 2024
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