Cupcycling™ Congratulations Card - Pink Disco Ball Design


Wish them a massive congratulations and celebrate their achievements with this fun Congratulations card from Hallmark's Cupcycling™ range. The perfect way to celebrate a new job, a graduation and much more.

Printed on high-quality board, this Congratulations card features a funky disco ball design, the message, 'Celebrate' on the front and comes complete with a Hallmark branded, white envelope.

I used to be a coffee cup, not a latte people know that. I've been made with a mix of recycled paper products from the disposable coffee cup industry and FSC®-CERTIFIED materials. Treasure me, display me, frame me, save me… or simply recycle me (and my envelope!).

This card is fully recyclable, and made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Message Inside Reads: Woo hoo!

Card Measures: H16.2cm by W13.5cm. Within UK 'Letter' Postage Size Limits.