Magical Botanicals Paper Flowers - 'Delights' - Die Cut Blue Spots Design


Magical Botanicals invites you to experience the magic​ of paper and the emotional power of flowers with our paper flower card and gift collection. Our 'Botanical Delights' collection feature an intricate die-cut finish and have been designed across 3 different styles from cute to classic to traditional. These floral creations can be sent to mark the smallest moments and leave a long-lasting impression.

No watering, no wilting, no worries.

Like a hug for the heart, 'the Janice' collection will make your space a tiny bit smilier. Printed on high-quality board, and featuring cute cartoon flowers with a white a blue spotted vase design and a die cut design. The horizontal 'A' fold makes for a simple but impactful display, adding a burst of colour to your home. The card comes complete with a co-ordinating Hallmark branded, chartreuse envelope with the Magical Botanicals logo.

This product is fully recyclable, and made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Blank inside for your own personal message.

Measures: 22.5cm by 11.5cm, Within UK 'Letter' Postage Size Limits.