So, you’re sending an engagement card and you’re not quite sure what to write to congratulate the happy couple? Don’t worry, we’ve got all kinds of great ideas and suggestions from our talented Hallmark writers to inspire you and hopefully make it a little easier for you to write a meaningful message in that special engagement card! So, whether it’s a simple congratulations message for a friend, a funny engagement quote for your brother or sister, or a heartfelt message for a much-loved parent, we have something for you – or at least something to inspire you when you set that pen to greeting card.
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How to Write an Engagement Card 

Writing a heartfelt message for an engagement card can be a big deal, it’s something the couple might keep to remember this special milestone and is the perfect way to show your happiness and excitement for their future together. A good engagement card should follow a clear structure, so it flows effectively from beginning to end – yes, even if you’re writing something simple! Here are some tried and tested ways to do this,

The Greeting

  • Open your engagement message in a way that feels natural. If ‘Dear’ feels too formal, go for something a bit more casual, and make sure to add both their names to the card, even if you only really know one half of the couple, to make it personal to them both.

The Statement

  • The body of the message should reflect the relationship you have with the bride and groom-to-be. If you’ve been friends for a long time, why not mention how your friendship has passed milestones together, or even just how excited you are for the couple? Bring in a touch of personal detail and show them how genuinely happy you are for them.

The Ending

  • Close your engagement wish in a way that also embodies your relationship. ‘Yours sincerely’ is probably a bit too formal again, but ‘From’ might not feel like it’s enough. The classic ‘With Love’ is always a good option but, if you’re lifelong friends or they’re a family member, ‘Lots of Love’ might work even better.


Things to Avoid in Your Engagement Message

Don’t make it about you…

  • Keep the focus on the bride and groom-to-be. Comments like “I can’t wait for the hen/stag do” might seem like you’re drawing attention from them and their big day and could appear presumptuous.

Don’t put pressure on the happy couple…

  • Emotions will be riding high and this is a big moment for them; try to keep it light and avoid building up anticipation too much, write in a casual tone and don’t overthink it, speak from the heart. And maybe avoid comments about the cost of weddings or overloading them with honeymoon ideas too!

What to Write in an Engagement Card

10 Simple Engagement Wishes

Here are some short but heartfelt wishes to congratulate the couple on their engagement that could be sent to someone in almost any situation or profession.
  • Wishing you every happiness as you celebrate your future together.
  • Bring on the happy-ever-after!
  • You found the one! Congratulations.
  • You put a ring on it! You two obviously know the real thing when you see it.
  • Cheers to many happy years ahead, congratulations to you both!
  • Such happy news! Here's to a wonderful future.
  • Big congratulations to you both!
  • Wishing you joy on your engagement and happiness throughout your new life.
  • Congratulations and best wishes to a wonderful couple.
  • A toast to you on your engagement.


10 Funny Engagement Wishes

Here is a selection of funny engagement wishes to put an even bigger smile on their faces that could be sent to a friend, sibling or other close relative.
  • Your happiness is important to me… If that means dressing up, eating cake, and a chicken dance or two - bring it on!
  • Ring þ Proposal þ Yes! þþ Soul mate þ
  • ‘You're engaged’ that has a nice ring to it!
  • You're engaged! You both found the person you want to annoy for the rest of your lives. Congratulations!
  • You and cake. Rarely are two things I love so much in the same room. I can't be held responsible.
  • Soon, you'll be sharing your life with another person! And your soap. And your toilet paper. And the corner brownie, which you were saving.
  • Congratulations! Just so you won't have to ask - Yes, I will sing at the wedding! Let’s talk budget.
  • A lifetime of love PLUS new towels? No wonder you seem so happy! Congratulations!
  • You're engaged! Hope you got a rock so big that if you're locked out of your home, you can cut through a sliding glass door with it.
  • Soon, you will be married. Soon, I will eat cake. This is such a happy, special time for all of us!

10 Engagement Wishes for a Friend

Here are a few suggestions for engagement wishes for a friend, the perfect way to share in their excitement.
  • You got engaged, literally the best news ever!
  • Let the search for bridesmaid dresses begin!
  • This calls for bubbly, congratulations on your engagement.
  • Where would a bride be without her maids? Congrats.
  • Engagement is a wonderful time for enjoying the fun and excitement of planning your wedding, a time for happy dreams about the future... a time for trying to get all your bridesmaids to like the same dress!
  • Joy, love, and great friendship... May your happiness just keep on growing!
  • Yay, love! ​Finding the one you want to be with forever means celebrating with friends, love, laughter...​and a party of course! ​
  • You're engaged, and I'm so here for it!
  • I hope your fiancé/fiancée appreciates how lucky they are to be marrying someone with such great friends.
  • Brides/Grooms just want to have fun... and so do their friends! Let's make it a night to remember!


10 Engagement Wishes for a Parent

Some heartfelt engagement wishes to send your congratulations to your Mum and Dad, Mum and Step-Dad, Dad and Step-Mum, or a Parent and Partner.
  • Wishing my wonderful parents a beautiful engagement and a lifetime of happiness together.
  • Some things are worth celebrating- like the special love you share, your commitment to one another, and all the happiness that lies ahead of you.
  • Thinking of you and the joy that's yours in sharing each other's love, and wishing you a future filled with all you're dreaming of.
  • Congratulations on your engagement. Such a beautiful beginning to a lifetime of love.
  • You’re both so special to me, and together you're a great couple. Can't wait to see where all your dreams take you!
  • Wishing you both a fun time planning your special day and a lifetime journey of amazing love. Because a couple like you deserves all the happiness in the world.
  • Congratulations on your engagement, sending you both best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.
  • Wishing you happiness, fun, and the sweet, simple joy of just being together.
  • Congrats on your engagement, here's to both of you and the very special love you share.
  • Enjoy every minute of your engagement knowing many warm and caring thoughts will be following you.

10 Engagement Wishes for a Sibling

A few suggestions to send your engagement wishes to your brother or sister and brace the love with your future brother or sister-in-law.
  • It's really great to see you so happy and so much in love. Hope you'll always be as happy as you are today.
  • There's a wedding to plan, a dress to debut, a ring to admire, and so much to do, but just had to say I'm happy for you!
  • Your engagement, your future together, your amazing love... I'm here for ALL of it!
  • It's easy to guess the answer was "yes!", congratulations on your engagement!
  • There's so much to look forward to when you get engaged, like a whole lifetime of happiness to share with the one you love.
  • When it's right, it's right. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • Let the celebrating and congratulating and happily-ever-aftering begin!
  • Just thinking how great it is that two such wonderful people got together! Congratulations!
  • I knew this day would come, and I knew I'd be this happy for you. My psychic skills are impressive, huh? Congratulations, I've got a really good feeling about you two.
  • Engaged, hey? That rocks, congrats.
So, we hope we’ve helped you to find a little extra inspiration to write your engagement message and wish the happy couple love for their new future together. Whatever you choose to write, whether you chose one of our suggestions or simply use one as a starting point for your own heartfelt message, just be yourself and say a huge congratulations on their exciting engagement news.


Should you put money in an engagement card?

It’s all down to the couple! Some couples will make a wedding list with ideas and recommendations for gifts, some will ask for money to put towards a certain goal like their honeymoon or a family holiday, and some might ask for nothing, or a charity donation in their name. You’re best to speak to them in person to see what they’d prefer, and gift cards make a great alternative to cash if you’re sending the card in the post.
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March 04, 2024