Lots of people enjoy showing love for family and friends through giving gifts, and everyone loves to receive a thoughtful present from someone who’s close to them. However, whilst we obviously appreciate every gift we receive, there are some that we hold closer to our hearts than others.

We, surveyed the nation to find out which gifts people are most likely to keep around for years to come and even pass down through generations. Our research found jewellery and handmade gifts are amongst the most treasured gifts by Brits, with some people keeping items for fifty years or more.

The gifts most likely to be kept were revealed to be:

  1. Framed photos capturing a memory (57%)
  2. Jewellery (48%)
  3. A handmade gift (40%)
  4. A toy from childhood (38%)
  5. A card with a heartfelt message (37%)
  6. A book (31%)
  7. An ornament or trinket (30%)
  8. A musical instrument (17%)
  9. Clothing or fashion accessories (17%)
  10. Home wear (15%)

Unsurprisingly, it was found that framed photos are the gifts most likely to be held onto by Brits, with over half (57%) saying they would keep a framed photo for over five years. With framed photos being so personal, they’re the perfect gift to give family and close friends and are a lovely way to remember special events such as graduations, weddings or special holidays.

Brits also said they are touched when receiving a card with a heartfelt message, with almost two in five (37%) revealing that this is the item they would be most likely to keep hold of. While cards are often seen as a mere formality when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, many people hold on to them for years if the inside message has sentimental meaning. If personalised messages to your nearest and dearest are what you're looking for, you can now send your own, specially created video message with our personalised video greeting cards.

One in three Brits (30%) said they would be most likely to keep an ornament or trinket that had been gifted to them, this includes key chains, home décor and Christmas baubles. While sentiment and personalisation are the most common way to ensure your gift will be treasured, the affection for these items shows that practicality and function are still appreciated when it comes to receiving gifts from your loved ones. And, don't forget, whenever you're giving a gift, the right wrapping paper can really add that perfect finishing touch!

So, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or you just want to tell someone you’re thinking of them, you can be sure there’s a card or gift out there to make them feel loved! And never underestimate how much your thoughtful gesture can mean, that little something sweet could very well be something they’ll treasure for years to come.

March 30, 2023
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