It’s hard to overstate what mothers mean to us. From looking after our every need as tiny tots to putting up with teenage tantrums to supporting us adults, and even helping us out with our own kids, there really is no-one quite like them.

To help you to express your own gratitude to your mum, or gran, or whoever your go-to person may be, our team of expert writers have come up with a variety of thoughtful Mother’s Day poems, guaranteed to warm their hearts on Mothering Sunday.

And, when you’ve found the perfect words to sum up your feelings, why not send them inside one of our gorgeous Mother’s Day cards, so they can be kept forever as a little reminder of your endless love and appreciation.

Mother’s Day poems for mum, mam, mummy etc

Mother’s Day is, of course, a day to celebrate mothers, so we’ve collected together a few verses specifically for mums, mams and mummies. If however yours happens to be a mother or a mom or a ma, worry not, you can use any of those in place of our suggestions.

Today’s a day for taking time
to thank you for all you’ve done.
A special day to remind you,
you’re the most amazing mum.

You know how much I love you, right?
(it’s really not a big mystery).
But did you know I also think
you’re the best mummy in history!

With special love on Mother’s Day
for all you are and do,
Because no mummy anywhere
is half as great as you!

I could search the whole world over
but I’m sure I’d never find…
A mam as wonderful as you –
Who's so caring, warm and kind.

Mother’s Day poems for nan, grandma, granny, gran etc

Not just on this special day, Granny,
but throughout the whole year too,
The things that make you happiest
are always wished for you. 

Making life fun and exciting,
doing the wonderful things you do,
Nana, there’s no one else as sweet
or quite as lovely as you. 

No grandma could ever be loved more,
than the special one this card is for.

Nan, this card is just for you,
and here's the wish that's in it –
Hope you have a Mother's Day
that's happy every minute!

Mother’s Day poems for wife or partner

Mothering Sunday is a wonderful day to remind your wife or partner of how amazing they are. And these little verses offer a variety of ways to let them know how much you appreciate all the things they do for you, and how very much they’re loved, on Mother’s Day and always.

You’re thought about with gratitude
for everything you share.
The words often don’t get spoken,
but the love is always there. 

In every little thing you do,
I see the amazing mum in you –
And every day of my whole life,
I’ll thank my stars that you’re my wife. 

The way you care, the love you express...
as a wife and mum, you're just the best.

Mother’s Day poems for whoever you choose

Mother’s Day is a celebration all about love and appreciation. Our final selection of open Mother’s Day poems offer lovely ways to make someone feel wonderful on this special day, no matter what their ‘title’ is...

If the love tucked in these wishes
can make them all come true,
You’ll have a perfect Mother’s Day
and a year that’s happy too. 

With thoughts of all the lovely ways
you brighten every day,
I send you so many special thanks –
much more than words can say! 

You lend a hand, you understand,
your thoughtfulness shines through,
with tender care, beyond compare,
in everything you do. 

A special wish to let you know,
the feelings words don’t often show.
Because sometimes it's hard to say
how much you mean from day to day.
So, though these thanks are overdue
they bring a world of love to you. 

Although this note is bringing love
and wishes for today,
you know it hopes that happiness
will always come your way. 

Mother’s Day poems are a lovely little addition to cards for your mum, grandma, wife, or someone special, and a wonderful way to let them know what they mean to you. They are also really easy to repurpose for birthdays or anniversaries too, to make those days even more special as well.

March 07, 2023