As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s time to prepare your words and get ready to express your feelings. Widely regarded as the most romantic day of the year, for many February 14th is the ideal day to let your one true love know how much they mean to you.

Maybe you’re planning to deliver some beautiful flowers, delicious chocolates or other traditionally romantic gifts, but don’t forget to pick up a greetings card too, there really is nothing that compares to sending someone a gorgeous Valentine card with a heartfelt, personal message written inside.

However, we do know that it can sometimes be a struggle to find just the right words to express exactly how you feel. But, worry not, that’s where we can help!
Our team of writing experts have come up with a selection of ideas to inspire you when you’re ready to write your Valentine’s card, so that your chosen Valentine will know just how much they really mean to you.
And, once you’ve found that perfect message of love and appreciation, or the inspiration for your own, in our list, why not take a look at our unique video greetings cards and send your love a memory they can replay and keep forever, or check out our stunning 3D and pop-up cards for stand-out ways to make a romantic statement and flowers that really will last a lifetime.
For Your Spouse, Partner or Other Half

Finding the right things to put in a Valentine’s card for your life-partner is never going to be simple. How can you possibly express all the many wonderful things they mean to you? And how can you do it perfectly? Worry not! Because we’ve got lots of beautiful ways to help you find the right words, and the most important part is to speak from your heart. 

For Your Girlfriend, Boyfriend or New Relationship

You might be at the start of a relationship with a new girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe your relationship is official but not quite at the declaration of love stage, knowing what to put in a Valentine’s card for your special person can be tough. But there’s still plenty of special ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day and let them know that you think they’re pretty great.

And, if you need something a little less specific check out our range of open cards for some more diverse options.

For Your Fiancée, Fiancé or Future Spouse

If you want to write something sentimental for your future spouse, first of all congratulations on the engagement, and second, remember to always speak from your heart if you want to absolutely guarantee to melt theirs, and also, don’t forget that they love you for you - so it doesn’t matter how soppy you get!

For Good Friends, Best Mates and Galentines

Why not expand your Valentine ’s Day beyond romantic love? February 14th doesn’t have to only be a day where you express your feelings for partners. Celebrate all the love in your life, from a cherished close friend to the amazing little group you celebrate Galantine’s with to your sister from another mister who makes everything that little bit better, whoever they are, send them a card and let them know they’re special to you, with one of these lovely messages.
For the Kids

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect day to help your kids express their love for others too, and along with celebrating your love for your partner or your friends, filling your kids’ day full of love can be a really fun and important thing to do on Valentine’s Day. The words written in these Valentine cards obviously won’t be romantic, but February 14th is still a wonderful day to express appreciation and affection, share kind and loving thoughts with your children, and help them to share their own feelings with the people they love most.
For Loving Pet Parents

There’s no denying the love we have for our pets, and Valentine’s Day is the pawfect day to include them in the love too. Whether you want to deliver a sweet little something to your co-fur-parent from a pampered pooch or send a sassy comment from your beloved cat overlord, check out our fun range here and share some love from your furry friends this Valentine’s Day.
For a Good Laugh

Not everyone shares their love through romance and soppy moments, and sometimes the most direct way to someone’s heart is right through their funny bone. Sharing laughter can provide just as powerful a connection as a sentimental verse and, if you’re looking for a little light-hearted inspiration, here’s a selection of our favourite funny notes, to help you make your special person smile this Valentine’s Day.
We hope you’ve found a little extra inspiration to help you express your love and admiration this Valentine’s Day, and whether you choose one of our suggestions, or simply use one as a starting point for your own special message, just let your heart lead the way and remember that love begins with you and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show and tell all the people you love just how much they mean to you.