You might remember our Cup Cycling range made in collaboration with the clever folks at James Cropper. A range that also made an appearance on McDonalds UK, Change a Little, Change a Lot advert in 2021. Since then, we’ve continued to work with James Cropper on a variety of projects including at this summer’s PG Live, where we created a paper flower installation for the event using Vanguard paper donated by James Cropper. Subsequently part of that installation travelled up to the Lake District to adorn the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal for The Wainwright Prize, which is sponsored by James Cropper. 
Jordan Scott, James Cropper Paper Products’ Marketing Communications Manager,  
was keen for us to continue as their chosen partner for the next installment of their journey and, through our collective working approach, we have established a most delightful friendship with Jordan as our collaboration has grown. Both our businesses share synergy within their values, work internationally and have fascinating stories to tell regarding their individual heritage. Importantly we are also always striving to improve our journeys to care for our planet in the work we do. 
And so, just a few months ago, we received an intriguing email, and an exciting challenge, inviting us to collaborate with James Cropper directly on an inaugural project. Knowing our expertise in all things cards, they wanted our help with a symbolic ‘new beginnings’ card concept as an alternative to their usual Christmas card. 



James Cropper has a long-established tradition of sending beautifully crafted Christmas cards designed by specially selected artists who share their love for nature and can showcase the fantastic James Cropper papers through their artwork. 

However, this time something a little more complex was required. 

The intention behind the concept was a ‘card’ that felt completely unique and bespoke, that would symbolise new beginnings, sustainability, innovation and hope, and was entirely UK designed, UK produced and made exclusively from UK manufactured paper, and that this would be a card that would not be seasonal, but could be used and displayed all year round, and for years to come. 



We really wanted the concept to encompass and demonstrate our business values, design, innovation, writing and technical capabilities, love of nature, collaborative spirit and mutual support, all in one small ‘object’. 
Not surprisingly the concept went through many different iterations: too complex, too ordinary, even a few moments of…urgh that really does not work well, and it then gradually things started to click and evolve into something a bit special. 
Our friends at Herbert Walkers, Premium Print and Packaging, also loved the idea and have been outstanding in their support on this project, joining forces and manufacturing our concept to bring it to reality.  



Is a series of card concepts contained within one ‘wallet’. All forms shapes, colours and writing, reference the landscape and nature, in their celebration of ‘bright new beginnings’ whilst also championing the importance of collaboration. 

The wallet first greets you with the message, ‘Celebrate Bright New Beginnings’, and a beautifully foiled sunrise design, before revealing a message championing the collaboration between Hallmark and James Cropper upon the wallet being opened, alongside another card which holds the inside of the wallet together and recounts the values and brand promises of both companies. 

Concealed further inside the wallet is a die-cut yellow card representing the peony, a flower that symbolises new beginnings, good fortune and happiness and an elegant sculptural card that can be displayed all year round. 

The flower card itself also reveals more hidden gems as behind it is a wonderful poem, ‘The Nature of Change’, whose words resonate directly and metaphorically reminding us of the importance of growth, nurturing and new possibilities. 

The final component of the card is a foldable thank you card raising a toast to the blossoming of a new chapter. 

Everyone involved has been delighted with the outcome and we really hope it will further cement our relationship with James Cropper. We can’t wait to work with them on even more exciting projects in the future.



Rebecca Clapham
Kelly Wykman
Eve Gray
Jo Phillips
Phil Pearmain
Ruth Turner-Blood
Donna MacGregor
Herbert Walkers
Jordan Scott



January 30, 2024