Make this Christmas extra-special by fully embracing the spirit of giving with 12 acts of kindness to warm hearts and spread joy all around! After all, ’tis the time to spread festive cheer so why not surprise people with a little extra kindness, and make sure everyone feels loved? Even the smallest gesture of consideration and goodwill can mean a lot to people, and Christmas is the perfect time of year to indulge in a little extra thoughtfulness towards others.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a little list of 12 easy ways to brighten people’s days, or even their whole Christmas! And whether you plan to spread the joy on your own or with your family and friends, remember little helpers can come in very handy! And involving kids in these activities is a great way to teach them about the real meaning of Christmas.

1. Compliment Everyone You See

It’s such a simple gesture, something you can easily do every day, and it will leave everyone smiling. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can complement someone’s earrings, their smile, a shirt, or even how good their brew making skills are! The possibilities are endless, and a genuine complement will leave anyone feeling loved.

2. Donate Old Clothes to a Charity

As the gift-giving time gets underway, check-in with your local homeless shelter or favourite charity and find out what they need. Hats, gloves, socks and toiletries are always great ideas as they’re pretty much always needed, and you can donate any of your other old clothes too. The charity will be grateful, and you could help someone to stay warm this winter too.

3. Donate Food to Your Local Food Bank

During your weekly big shop, or your Christmas food shop, add a few extra bits like cans of soup, UHT milk, tinned veggies, and maybe a sweet treat too. The items don’t need to be expensive, just pick up a couple of options and then simply drop them at your local supermarket’s food bank station or deliver them directly to your local food bank.

4. Send Cards to a Nursing Home

Spread the festive spirit by sending Christmas cards to the residents in local nursing homes. You might have a specific nursing home in mind, know a friend or relative living in one or just want to keep it local, whichever option you choose, just get in touch with the home and ask the nurses, they’ll love the idea! Gather your friends and family, including the kids, and get writing. Remember to introduce yourself, then maybe add some fun facts about you or share a sweet memory and just embrace the love this Christmas.

5. Bake and Share Treats

Share the joy of Christmas by baking and gifting lots of lovely treats to your friends, family and neighbours. Have a look for recipes of your favourite bakes or maybe learn a family recipe passed down through the generations - and then get decorating with Christmas themed icing. It’s the perfect way to get the kids involved and excited about giving by gifting something they’ve made.

6. Send Virtual Hugs with a Video Christmas Card

Send virtual hugs and reconnect with the friends and family members you’ve not seen for a while or who live across the miles, or who simply need some extra love this Christmas, with a video Christmas card, because even if you can’t be there physically, it’ll mean such a lot to them to know that you’re thinking of them.

 7. Check In on Your Friends and Neighbours

Send a quick text or make a phone call just to say, “Hi, how are you?”, and brighten someone’s day with a much needed catch up, a little gossip and some silly jokes. Check- in with your elderly neighbours and see if they need any help. Consider sending them a ‘Thinking of You’ card, with a heartfelt note they can cherish and read whenever they need a little boost.

8. Plan a Meet-Up with Your Best Friend

As the festive rush gets into full swing, take time to slow down and catch up with those you love most. Send a message to your bestie, or closest family member, and plan a catch up to check-in and share any festive news. You could stay cosy at home, find a local coffee shop or maybe pay a visit to a Christmas market, whatever works for you.

9. Send a Christmas and New Year’s Card

Grab a personalised card or a pack of cards to send out to multiple people and businesses who’ve made you smile and helped your year go by. Just fill your card with your favourite shared memories, notes of appreciation and best wishes for the New Year. It will be a heartfelt and meaningful way to show your appreciation to the recipient, and likely to be kept and treasured.

10. Reflect On the Positives of the Year

Get your favourite people together and celebrate the year that’s just gone. Note down all of your achievements and cherished memories, from an engagement to becoming a parent to a new job, house or fabulous hairstyle, nothing is too big or too small to celebrate! Then add them to a jar and save them as a special keepsake of the year.

11. Cook a Meal for Someone Working Over the Christmas Period

Show your appreciation to your friends and family working the festive time, from the nurses, doctors and firefighters in your life to those relatives or friends with a new-born, by cooking them a wholesome and hearty meal. Whether you create their favourite menu or just provide some quick and easy, freezer-friendly dishes, it’s the perfect way to express your care and gratitude.

12. Send Thank You Cards to Your Friends and Family

Christmas is often a super-busy time full of gift giving and festive gatherings and very little time to stop and really appreciate it all but, once the parties have settled down and you’ve got time to breathe, make sure to extend your thanks to your family and friends with a few carefully chosen thank you notes to let them know how much you’ve enjoyed their company or will treasure a special gift. You could remind them of a special moment or favourite memory, add a Christmas joke to make them smile or a photo of your time together to be kept as a keepsake for years to come.

So now you’ve got some ideas to get you started, why not give it a go and see if you can’t spread a little extra kindness this Christmas? And don’t forget, if you do decide to get involved, let us know and update us on how it went by tagging us on social media @hallmarkuki.


December 19, 2023