Valentine Card for Husband -Cute Dogs and Hearts Design


Remind your husband that you adore him, on Valentine's Day and every day, with this super-cute card.

This product is fully recyclable, and made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Message Inside Reads: When we're busy with the family there's no time for just me and you… So it's nice to pause for a moment in the rush from chore to chore, to say a heartfelt, "I love you", to the husband I simply adore!

Features Die-cut Edging, Gold Foil Design Details, Red and White Twine Bow Attachments and a Co-ordinating Red and White Heart Patterned, Hallmark Branded Envelope.

Measures 20.2cm by 13.8cm, Within Standard UK 'Letter' Size Limits.