Making waste
into something

Care for people and for the planet

Utilising a world’s first recycling process at James Cropper’s prestige paper mill in Cumbria, all our CupCycling™️ cards are made using a mix of recycled paper products from the disposable coffee cup industry and FSC®-certified materials – turning everyday waste into extraordinary cards!

Sorting and Baling

Waste is collected, sorted and baled. Plastic is removed from the fibres and recycled separately.

Paper Making

Once all plastic has been removed the fibres are used to create Colourform™️ packaging and beautiful papers.

Card Creating

Then we take those beautiful new papers and turn them into even more beautiful (and fully-recyclable) cards.

Fully Recyclable. Infinitely Treasurable.

Our fantastic CupCycling™️ collection brings a whole new meaning to showing you care!