5 Ways to find #SmallEverydayJoy
by @VioletGlenton

As part of the 10 days of Encouragement from Hallmark’s 30 days of Caring challenge, we’re evaluating who in our lives needs to a little reminder of their brilliance. This could be your sister, your brother, your mother, the shop assistant or your friend. There isn’t a wrong answer.

If you can pass on a little bit of joy into their everyday life then you’ll be spreading a whole heap of kindness, and in order to help I have a few tricks for you.

Oh yes, if you’re wanting to know how you can spot little bits of small everyday joy then I’m going to break it down for you.

In order to help, let me give you a little context. It was late last year, and I was struggling to find a way to spread happiness in a time where it was really needed. Then, it came to me. I started a hashtag (and a challenge) that was all about finding joy and sharing it with others. So here are my 5 ways to find #SmallEverydayJoy.

  1. Slow down & Look for the small things

The blossom on the trees, the freshly cut grass, the smell of fresh coffee. These are all little things that when we’re moving quickly we don’t process. By taking the time to slow down you can treat your senses. Better yet, if you have someone to share it with then snap a picture, show a friend, explain to your children. You can share this little glimmer of joy and all benefit from it.

  1. Share in the Self-Care

When was the last time you facetimed a person who is great at their job? Did you tell them? Well now is the time to make that call because you might just make their day. You see, self-care isn’t just face masks and bubble baths, it’s also checking in on a friend who may look like they have it all sussed but hasn’t had anyone actually ask how THEY are doing. Be that person who adds a little joy to their day.

  1. Find the beat of your day

Okay, we’re going to get a little fun for a moment so hang in there. I find that music can set the whole mood for a day for me. If I put on some funky music with popping beats, then I tend to find my mood is immediately elevated and it tends to ooze out of me. Bonus points if you can share a dance with someone else. Personally, we’re huge Bruno Mars fans in this house and my son shimmying to ‘Perm’ in a morning lifts my mood.

  1. Do something for someone else

It really is true what they say, kindness is infectious, and when you do something kind for someone else, they pass it on. You often feel pretty great too. So think about someone who could use a card or a personal letter and get writing.

  1. Get Creative

What brings you joy? For me, it’s to do something arty. I like to draw, paint, play guitar, write and sing. I always have. Today I’ve drawn a full chalkboard wall design for my son’s room and by tomorrow, he’ll have covered it in ‘his style’ too. It’s a great way to express yourself and fantastic for lifting the mood.

What ways do you add joy to your day?

I hope this post has given you some food for thought in the ways you can find and share joy with others.



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April 20, 2021