February 14th is widely regarded as the most romantic day of the year, and for many, it’s the ideal day to let your one true love know how much they mean to you.

While giving gifts like flowers is traditionally romantic, nothing compares to sending someone a heartfelt greetings card to show how much they’re loved. However, we do know that it can sometimes be a struggle to find just the right words to express your feelings.

That’s why our team of writing experts have come up with a selection of ideas for what to write in a Valentine’s card, so that your special someone will know just how much they really mean to you.

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For Your Spouse, Partner or Better Half

Finding the right things to put in a Valentine’s card for your life-partner is never going to be simple. How can you possibly express all the many things that they mean to you? And how can you do it perfectly? Well, there’s no need to worry, because there’s lots of beautiful words you can say, and the most important part is to speak from your heart. 

  • Thanks for being the loveliest partner anyone could ever have
  • I feel so lucky you’re my wife. You mean the world to me
  • You’re my number 1!  
  • Hugs & kisses from the missus
  • Partner of my dreams. I never thought I’d meet someone as amazing as you
  • I feel so lucky to have you for my husband and my forever Valentine!
  • I only have eyes for you. Thank you for being my wife!
  • My wonderful husband, being with you is so amazing
  • From the moment I spotted you, I knew you’d be mine forever

For Your Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Significant Other

Knowing what to put in a Valentine’s card for your special person can also be tough when you’ve not been together for very long or haven’t quite reached that level of commitment yet. But there’s still plenty of lovely ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day and let them know that you think they’re pretty great.

  • No one else makes me feel as happy as you do!
  • Good for each other, good to each other and good-looking together. Our love is all good!
  • Starry-eyed and head over heels, you really give me all the feels!
  • You’re the loveliest girlfriend anyone could wish for!
  • Big Valentine’s hugs for the best boyfriend ever
  • You’re so wonderful and I’m so lucky that you’re my girlfriend
  • You’re my favourite person ever!

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For Your Fiancée, Fiancé or Soulmate

If you’re soon to be married to the person of your dreams, first of all congratulations, and second of all, when it comes to writing Valentine cards, try to remember that your love loves you for you, so as long as what you're saying comes from your heart, it's absolutely guaranteed to melt theirs.


  • You’re my world and I just can’t wait until we tie the knot
  • My amazing fiancée, my forever valentine
  • You’re my perfect fiancé and my happy ever after
  • I’m so lucky to have you as my fiancée
  • In you I’ve found my dream come true and I can’t wait to say, ‘I do’!
  • I love you to the moon and back!
  • My heart is yours for now and forever

For Good Friends, Best Mates
and Galentines

February 14th doesn’t just need to be a day where you express romantic love. Let your heart lead the way and celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day. There may be one cherished close friend, a special little group you celebrate Galantine’s with, or a sister from another mister who makes everything that little bit better, whoever they are, send them a card and let them know they’re special to you, with one of these lovely messages.


  • Happy heart day to a magical friend
  • Friends like you are rare.
  • I’ve got the best mate ever and that just can’t be beat
  • There’s no better way to describe you than the best friend ever!
  • Friends love you bigger and better than anyone else
  • Love is powerful and friends like you are proof
  • Thanks for giving me 101 reasons to smile

For the Kids

Along with celebrating your friends, telling your kids how much you love them, and helping them to express their love for others, is a really fun and important thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Although the words written in these Valentine cards won’t be romantic, February 14th is still a wonderful day to express appreciation and affection, share kind and loving thoughts with your kids, and help them share their own feelings with the people most important to them.


  • You make the world a lovelier place. Love you lots and lots
  • Every day with you is the nicest of all. Have an extra-special day
  • You’re just funny, kind and an all-round amazing daddy! What’s not to love!
  • You’re such a kind and loving mummy. Every time I’m with you I burst with happiness
  • Hope you know that you’re our favourite person. Love you to the moon and back!
  • Wishing you everything that makes you heart happiest today!


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For You, from Your Furbaby

There’s no denying the love we have for our pets, so Valentine’s Day is the pawfect day to include them in the fun too. Whether you want to deliver a sweet little something to your co-fur-parent from a pampered pooch, or send a sassy comment from your beloved cat overlord, check out our fun range here and share some love from your furry friends this Valentine’s Day.


  • I’m so lucky to have you!
  • Firetrucks are RED, the sky is BLUE, I love you more than chasing squirrels and chewing your shoes!
  • I woof you!
  • Love and licks on Valentine’s Day!
  • I love you from the bottom of my nine lives
  • You’re my best fur-end


For a Good Laugh

Sometimes, the most effective way to the heart is via the funny bone. Sharing laughter can be just as romantic as a sentimental verse so, if you’re looking for a little light-hearted inspiration, here’s a selection of our favourite funny notes, to help you make your special person smile this Valentine’s Day.


  • There’s no one else I’d rather ignore while I scroll aimlessly through my phone
  • You taught me that even when you find someone irritating, you can still love them
  • You’re the fondant to my fancies! Happy Valentine’s Day
  • So, you know you’ve always been my favourite weirdo!
  • I like coffee, you like tea. I like you and you like me!
  • Can’t believe you’re not sick of me yet!
  • Another year of happily putting up with each other


We hope these suggestions make it easier for you to express your true feelings on Valentine’s Day, so just use them as they are or as a starting point for your own special message. But, whichever you choose, just let your heart lead the way and remember that Valentine’s Day is a lovely opportunity to show and tell someone you love them, not an annual test each February 14th!

February 02, 2023