Magical Botanicals Letterbox Flowers - 3D Pop Up Cute Paper Gift


Experience the power of flowers with Magical Botanicals' beautifully crafted paper gifts. Our ‘Botanical Treasures’ collection feature 2 of our signature styles, the quirky and fun 'Janice' arrangement and the vibrant and eye-catching, 'Elisabeth'.

Each treasure brings the feel-good experience of receiving flowers direct to your doorstep, creating a connection that goes beyond words... No green fingers required!

‘The Janice’ design is cute, quirky and designed to make you smile, these fun creations are the perfect combination of simple forms, bold colours and bags of beautiful personality.

What's in the box? In every box you will receive 2 paper vases, a paper flower centrepiece, paper flower heads and a paper foliage vine. Inside the box is an instruction booklet on how to build your paper gift and a frameable print wrap. This paper gift is the perfect way to send flowers in the letterbox and add a burst of colour to any space. Every die-cut paper flower is made to bloom forever and a day.

Care-free! No watering. No wilting. No worries.

Get these lovely letterbox flowers delivered straight to their home. Just give them a heads-up to keep an eye out for a delightful surprise. Or, if you prefer, have the flowers sent to yourself first. That way, you can add a heartfelt message to the arrangement in the handy space provided and personally deliver your thoughtful paper gift.

This product is fully recyclable, and made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Constructed flower display measures approximately: H44cm by W20cm by D20cm.
Box measures: H24cm by W36cm by D2.3cm, within UK 'Small Parcel' Postage Size Limits.