Little World Changers™ Book with Felt Medal - The Power of Teamwork


Teach a child about the big and small ways teamwork can show up in everyday life, and the power it has to change the world. Our "Little World Changers The Power of Teamwork" book features charming illustrations and a wearable felt "Teamwork" medal. This special book teaches children (and people of all ages) important lessons, through diverse representation, visual storytelling and authentic messaging. Little World Changers is about every child and for every chil. Because every child can change the world.

24 Page Hardcover book. Includes removable and wearable cotton canvas necklace with hook-and-loop closure and embroidered medal displaying the words Teamwork.

Book for Ages 4+ and Written by Andrew Blackburn and Illustrated by Charlie Hadley.

Book Size - 30cm by 21.6cm by 4.5cm